Welcome to PlantyEco

PlantyEco means you can find plenty of Eco-friendly products in our online store. Just like many other millennials, PlantyEco is founded by a group of international citizens who care about the planet we are living on. In our store, we help our global customers to source sustainable and eco-friendly products. 

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We adhere to the 17 SDG goals, for example the products are fairly traded, made of less plastic and could lead to less waste. We love natural products and at the same time we believe in technology can solve a lot of problems. So you will find not only naturally produced products as well as exciting tech gadgets. Further to that, we will share plenty of sustainable tips and insights for all of our followers to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.


“You are not just a drop in the ocean, we are the wave of change!”

We are trying hard to source the most sustainable products in terms of product itself. However, as we are still growing, we couldn't control the whole supply chain at the moment, such as packaging and delivering. Please keep supporting us so we can improve our green supply chain in the future.

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What We Believe

Responsible Consumption & Production
(SDG Goal 12)

The products we choose should be either made of biodegradable materials or last for a long period. This can help to consume products we actually need and shift us towards a more resource efficient economy.

Good Health & Well-being
(SDG goal 3)

Apart of the raw materials of the products, we also pick products that can improve people's life at all ages, such as goods related to sports, meditations, tea culture, plant-based diet, etc.

Climate Action
(SDG goal 13)

By promoting our eco-friendly products, we encourage our customers to take actions for a more sustainable lifestyle and help mitigate climate-related disasters. You, your family and even your pets can save our planet.